Villagers near a temple in Chaiyaphum were left in awe after finding what they believe to be “divine markings” at a local temple which they are accrediting to “Phayanak”

Locals are calling the markings “Arabic numbers” and appear to depict the numbers five, three and eight.

A woman called Khampong Titchaiphoon, 60, found the markings and excitedly told her friends and monks what they had found.

"Magical Divine Markings" appeared overnight at Chaiyaphum temple

The Arabic numbers appeared on Thai “wan phra” a holy day at the temple of Way Phuthowat in the Cheelong district.

The site has been cordoned off after people arrived to lay tributes of flowers and burn incense, where someone also took the initiative to place a donation box.

Phayanak is a god who many believe is responsible for bringing the rains at the start of the planting season and who locals are crediting the symbols to.

Lottery tickets with the numbers depicted at the temple are sure to be in high demand

Source : Thairath

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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