Thai customs officers at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok made an unusual but heartbreaking discovery during a random search last weekend as they found 21 rhinoceros horns.

The horns with a value of over $5,000,000 had been transported from Ethiopia’s capital city, Addis Ababa.

Warrants were issued for the arrest of Two Thai women who fled the scene as their bags were being searched but at yet, have not been located.

“The rhino horns were the most beautiful we have ever seized” claimed customs officials.

Rhinos can live for up to 50 years but are under the threat of extinction due to poachers killing them for their valuable horns. Rhino horns can fetch up to $100,000 per kilogram and are much sought after in countries such as Vietnam although trading in the horns can
be traced back to China and goes back hundreds of years.

The horns are sold for medicinal purposes.

Amazingly it is not just the horns that are so precious. Even the blood, skin and urine are fashionable and considered “luxury” items around Asia.

The animals that the seized horns came from were huge according to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment’s Somkiat Soontornpitakkool.

It is almost certain that the rhinos were killed in the process of collecting the horns.

Tell us your thoughts of the illicit trading in rhino horns.


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