A former employee of a tour company is being hunted by police.

He is wanted in connection with a scam involving twenty-three Malaysians in Krabi, that left university students and their teacher stranded.

Once again, social media was at the heart of the scam. The Malaysians purchased a tour from Teeradech Saetiao via Facebook.

The culprit is a former employer of the Mariam Tour Company but was sacked 12 months previously.

The travellers had given their scammer 38,000 baht deposit for accommodation and a tour, which should have commenced on April 18th but of course their guide was nowhere to be seen.

Social media is renowned for cons and scams. If you are booking a trip, you should use reputable agencies with checkable addresses and business links.

Remember if it sounds too good to be true – it is probably a con or scam.


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