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A German man who has spent much of his adult life studying the teachings of Buddhism in the North East of Thailand is being called “the most holy German in Thailand” having become the first foreign national to pass exams recognising him as a Buddhist Preceptor.

Henning Guerlee now known as Phra Khru Pawanawitet first became interested in Buddhism back in Germany whilst studying physics at university, following his graduation he flew to Thailand where he was ordained at the international temple in Ubon back in 1998.

After being ordained he worked with many high level monks and spiritual leaders here in Thailand rising through the ranks to become an abbot.

Man dubbed "Most Holy German in Thailand" after passing top Buddhist exam

Speaking to reporters Phra Kruh said he has great respect for the Thai culture and through his faith in Buddhism he is on the path to enlightenment.

His journey has also inspired many other foreigners from different countries to study the Buddhist teachings.

Phra Kruh was one of 200 monks present at a ceremony held in Bangkok at the weekend where participants received diplomas elevating them to the preceptor grade.

Source: Sanook

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