A man, who was missing for two days, has been found alive at the foot of a deep ravine.

Phairat Ratcha-art was transported from the crevice by stretcher suffering from a possible disocated or broken hip, rendering him unable climb from the ravine.

The discovery was made in the Khao Kor district of Phetchabun following the detection of his badly damaged pick-up.

Phairat said he was travelling to work when he lost control of the vehicle on a hill. The pick-up flipped multiple times before he was thrown from the cab. He also stated that his calls for help were unheard and that he drank moisture from a nearby banana plant.

Relatives had made desperate posts on social media as they tried to find Phairat and even called upon the services of a clairvoyant!

Mr. Ratcha-art is now recoveing in a local hospital


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