A man from Bangkok is recovering in a Thai hospital after being bitten by a snake on his penis.

The 45-year-old man was using his toilet at home, unaware of a three-metre python lurking inside.

According to a local newspaper, the man felt something bite his penis and instinctively caught it with his hands so it could let him go.

The man got 15 stitches.

He said he saw a snake in another toilet at his house a few months ago but did not realise that the toilets could be connected.

A similar incident happened to another man in 2016.

Snakes are common in the South-east Asian country. In Bangkok alone, nearly 35,000 snakes were reported to and caught by the Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department last year, doubling the figure from four years ago.

According to the department, most snakes found in the Thai capital are not poisonous.

Source : Algoafm, Thairath


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