VIDEO : Media try to find out why man drove wrong way causing head on crash

Officers in Suphanburi have charged the man who drove the wrong way down a motorway before colliding head on with an oncoming vehicle, killing a six month old boy and injuring other passengers.

Police have stated that the grey pick-up which was seen on CCTV causing the accident was driven by Wimon Phumkong, 53, who officers say tests proved he was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

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Wimon collided with a black pick-up whose passengers were mother and father, grandparents and their six month old son who died at the scene.

Officers announced that Wimon sustained serious injuries in the crash but doctors have managed to stabilise his condition and he is now recovering in Soon Chaopraya Yommarat hospital.

Man who killed baby in head on crash charged with murder

Police have spoken to Wimon who they said was in a confused state but he allegedly told them “it was all his responsibility but he didn’t mean to cause an accident.”

A blood alcohol test revealed that he was over the legal limit to drive a vehicle. Three charges have been issued which are murder, attempted murder and drink driving.

Officers told the media that they believe there is sufficient evidence to make the charges of murder and attempted murder stick.

After the accident happened Wimon’s wife claimed there had been a family argument right before the accident but she said her husband had given up drinking a long time ago and there would have been no time for him to drink before the accident happened.

Officers said that tests proved that Wimon had been drinking.

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Source : Dailynews

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