Man stung 80 times climbing upto bees nest in search for lottery numbers - Korat

A fifty four year old man has been stung by Royal bees over eighty times at his house after climbing upto a beesnest in search for lucky lottery numbers.

The man from Chokchai district is still in hospital and is still recovering from the attack as his condition had been life threatening.

One of his friends visited him that day and asked about the nest hanging from his house, it was over thirty inches long and had been there for just over a year.

The homeowner had not planned on destroying the nest because he thought that it would bring him luck.

His friend decided to climb up to the nest and see if he could find any sign of what lottery numbers to pick for the next draw, the bees then attacked him in self defense as he approached, he managed to get away with a few stings, but unfortunately the home owner was not so lucky as he could not run due to a leg disability and was stung over eighty times.

A group of workers are now planning on destroying the bees nest after it nearly killing a man.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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