The plight of a man in Lopburi has been widely shared online since Workpoint News published an article showing one man’s plight as he tries to carry out daily activities with a large tumour on the side of his head.

According to Jaroon Suanmali, 71, the tumour has gotten so big locals call him the man with two heads. Interviewed at his home in Lopburi’s Muang district which consists of a corrugated steel shack, Jaroon spoke of his trials and tribulations.

Doctors told him that he had a brain tumour over ten years ago and it had steadily been getting worse ever since. He said that he has two children who have tried their best to help and he still manages to find the odd job here and there to make a little money.

Sleeping is apparently the hardest part of the day for Jaroon where he said the pain makes it difficult to drift off to sleep. Speaking of his daily plight he said his existence is torture and has often thought out taking a load of pills and never waking up again.

Jaroon said

“locals call me the man with two heads.”

When first diagnoses Jaroon tried to get treatment but ran out of money, he said doctors told him that it might clear up on its own, now it’s gotten so bad he’s not even sure if treatment would be possible.

Source: Workpoint New

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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