A dramatic event in Hat Yai’s Kanchanwanit Road, attracted hundreds of bystanders who witnessed a man sitting on top of a power pole for an hour.

He then does a tight rope act, balancing on two wires whilst holding on to others as he walks along the electrical cables, which by this time did not have power running through them.

He is then seen to lean at an unusual angle, as if performing for onlookers, before falling to the ground, amidst screams from spectators.

He had been spotted resting on top of the power pole some 12 metres from the ground prompting concerned citizens to call the police and emergency services.

Efforts were made to talk him down to no avail. An Airbag was put in place in case he jumped.

There has been no statement giving justification for his behaviour, whether it was caused by stress, alcohol or mental illness is still unclear.

Whatever the reason, we hope he makes a full recovery.


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