The Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) has been left with red faces when over a thousand athletes arrived in Phitsanulok to take part in the local marathon.

The event turned out to be a complete and utter disaster, as organisers did a bunk with the funds, leaving chaos behind.

Marathon Event Turns Into A Farce As Organisers Do A Bunk With Cash

Participants had paid up to 600 baht to enter the event, with organisers promising accommodation, which turned out to be the floor of an old school building.

Things went from bad to worse when it was discovered there were no bibs or T-shirts, no officials and no cups or medals. In fact, there was little to even suggest there was an event taking place, other than the presence of those who had paid to run.

Marathon Event Turns Into A Farce As Organisers Do A Bunk With Cash

The “Noen Maprang Scenic Marathon 2017” has been described by disappointed competitors as “a bare faced con”, which saw someone pocketing over one million baht.

Those responsible for the farce have stated that “the runners would receive a full refund” but there are doubts if this will materialise. Some 1,500 athletes claim they have been conned.

TAT have been trying to sell the nation as a sports hub in Asia but events such as this will do their reputation no good whatsoever.

Source : Tnews

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