Taking part in the annual Cobra Gold International military exercise marines from both the United States and Thailand drank cobra blood and chowed down on scorpions and tarantulas as part of the exercises jungle survival program yesterday (February 19.)

The Cobra Gold turned 37 this year and is one of the biggest international military exercise held in Asia, with thousands of troops from multiple nations in attendance where military personnel take part in 10 days of field training exercises here in Thailand.

Yesterday both United States and Thai marines participated in the jungle survival drill which took place at the Thai Navy base in Chonburi where those taking part drank blood from a headless cobras before cooking and eating the snakes.

Marines drink Cobra blood and eat scorpion in Cobra Gold exercises

Those leading the exercise also taught participant which included personnel from South Korea how to safely remove venom glands from scorpions and tarantulas so they can be eaten and how to source water from jungle vines and which plants in the region are edible.

Leading the exercise Thai Sergeant Major Chaiwat Ladsin said “the key to survival is knowing what to eat,” the Sergeant Major also had those taking part dining on raw gecko.

Marines drink Cobra blood and eat scorpion in Cobra Gold exercises

This year the United States almost doubled their participation in the exercise with 6,800 troops taking part which many attribute to improving relations between the two nations under Donald Trump’s presidency.

Other nations in attendance this year included Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and Singapore.

Source: The Nation

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