YouTube star “My Mate Nate” doesn’t have a work permit and according to records he has never applied for one.

Luckily for Nate Bartling even though he has technically been working illegally in Thailand he won’t be prosecuted as an amnesty on foreign workers is in effect until January 1st.

YouTuber "My Mate Nate" Doesn't Have A Work Permit But Lucky Break Means He Wont Be Prosecuted

The American star has been in the headlines recently after getting himself in trouble over his last video where he attempted to flatten coins on a Bangkok railway line.

Earlier this week he was charged with trespassing on railway lines and damaging railway lines whilst police still investigate claims of animal cruelty after pitting his cat against a scorpion in an early video.

At a press conference earlier this week Nate himself stated that he had the correct documentation to work in Thailand but the labour department has since stated that he does not hold a work permit.

YouTuber "My Mate Nate" Doesn't Have A Work Permit But Lucky Break Means He Wont Be Prosecuted

Ranon Peetiwan from the Labour department said that he shot his videos in Thailand and earnt a wage from the views of the videos which amounts to working.

According to department records he does not have a work permit and has never applied for the permit.

An amnesty currently in effect after new rules were introduced last month where punishments could be as high as 800,000 baht and 5 years in prison for illegal workers means that the 24-year-old cannot be prosecuted.

Nate is eligible to apply for a work permit in the future, however it will be up to the discretion of officials if they grant him one.

The young YouTube star has over 3 million subscribers to his channel with some of his videos being viewed hundreds of millions of times and they estimate his earnings could be in the multiple millions of baht.

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  1. The very real problem is that thousands of us watch Thailand expat youtubers daily. None of them, presumably, have work permits. If enforced against this jerk, it will likely chill the activity of all most all expat youtubers.


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