The wait is finally over!

Nine months from now, medical marijuana will be available in Thailand as announced on Tuesday by a health official.

Effective from April 2019, the long wait for legalizing medical cannabis will be available for patients under medical treatment, announced Sophon Mekthon of the Public Health Ministry.

The junta- appointed legislature accepted the proposal to legalize medical cannabis last month after the successful testing of cannabis for treating severe conditions, said Sophon Mekthon.

According to the researches done by Thailand’s investigating team, the use of marijuana to treat three illnesses has been confirmed. Nausea and loss of appetite for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, epilepsy in children and multiple sclerosis.

A poll held on Wednesday by the Matichon Online stated the fact that most of the respondents have agreed with the plan.

After the use of marijuana for medical treatment gets confirmed, overcoming the drug war announced by the head of the Justice Ministry two years ago, in May, Thailand’s top narcotics officer proposed to legalize kratom which can be used as an herbal stimulant for various cases.

Source : Khaosodenglish

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