Thai social media went into a meltdown earlier this week after pictures of an attractive bus conductress surfaced online causing quite a stir.

Men all over the country were scouring the net to find out which bus they would need to board to get a ticket off of the attractive transport worker.

Sadly it turns out this beauty is not actually a conductress but a presenter for the municipal transport authority.

Nuttapagun Ladee pictured in a conductress uniform was named “Miss Motorsale 2016.”

VIDEO : Social media in meltdown over sexy bus conductress

She hails from Mae Hong Sorn and has completed a degree in communications arts.

Photos of the attractive Thai lady originally appeared on a website for buses “” before social media generated quite a buzz over who they thought was a bus conductress working somewhere in the kingdom.

VIDEO : Social media in meltdown over sexy bus conductress

Source : Manager

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