The Meteorological Department of Thailand has issued an updated weather warning today (March 7) to warn large sections of the kingdom including Pattaya.

To take extra precautions as summer storms are expected to hit much of Thailand over the coming few days, judging by the look of the weather outside its fairly safe to say one of the storms has arrived here in Pattaya at the time of writing this.

The storms are expected to continue until March 9 as a High pressure system is moving down across the kingdom from China.

MET Department issues warnings over summer storms to multiple regions

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As the high pressure system moves down it will mix with the hotter temperatures from the central and southern regions and result in scattered heavy Thunderstorms, rain, strong winds and in some places there is a chance of hail.

People are being advised to avoid wide open areas and from standing under trees and billboards during storms and farmers are being told to prepare measures to prevent damage to crops.

Warnings have been issued to Northern provinces, central Thailand including Bangkok and surrounding provinces and Eastern Provinces including Chonburi and in turn Pattaya.

So best to take extra care out on the roads and break out the rain coats and umbrellas for the next couple of days.

Source : ThaiPBS

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