Mexican Restaurant Complains About Sex Toy Stall Outside His Front Door

Ay, caramba! A Mexican restaurant owner in Silom Soi 4, Bangkok, has had enough of a stall selling sex toys and sex aids in front of his store.

He’s complaining that his customers have to push their way past the vibrators and fake Viagra to get to his nachos and tacos.

He says he’s convinced that ‘persons of influence’ are behind the stall that he claims are threatening his staff.

35 year old Dechapong Jantharusorn, the owner of Sunrise Taco at the end of Silom Soi 4, says he has complained to police who did nothing after the owner of the stall said he rented from him.

That was nonsense, he said. Dachapong said that he had rented there for nearly 5 years and the sex store came along after. After a crackdown they disappeared but then they came back, with inside knowledge about when the crackdown was going to happen.

Dechapong says the stall owners are annoying and blocking his frontage and now were even intimidating his staff when asked to move on. Yesterday he went to the Crime Suppression Division and asked for help. Pol Col Thongchai Yookate promised to investigate.


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