Tourism ministry asked to develop cheap travel insurance options

The Thai government has asked the tourism ministry to put together some cheap travel insurance option here in Thailand in an effort to encourage more people to vacation in Thailand

Government deputy ThanasakPatimaprakorn said he wants tourists visiting Thailand to have local accident insurance options available to them.

Tourism ministry asked to develop cheap travel insurance options

The government however will not be putting any money into the policies stating that they would only provide financial assistance in exceptional emergency conditions.

Such exceptional circumstances could be scenarios such as tourists being caught up in political unrest or something like an explosion where a normal policy would not provide cover for such an events.

With the number of tourists coming to Thailand each year increasing it seems only logical that more local options become available for tourists, which would bring more money into the country.

Source : Dailynews

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  1. The number of tourist going to Thailand is dwindling not growing, no matter what the tourist board try to tell you, the only group that has grown in numbers are the Chinese, the Chinese do not spend anywhere near as much in local economies as westerners they do, they book all inclusive hols and rarely spend extra cash, the bars are closing and the hotels are struggling, the main reason is the Thai baht, it should have been devalued along with just about every other currency in the world a long time ago, because of the internet and other modern media it is impossible to hide the facts, quite a few years ago a Thai professor said to the government that the baht must be devalued to save the tourist industry, I wonder can anyone estimate just how much the Thai economy has lost in say the last five years the amount must be staggering


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