Ministry of Transport desire 345 billion Baht for improvements on transport facilities

An increase on budget is welcomed by the Ministry of transport as they hope to spend 345 billion baht on improving transportation throughout the country, as well as connectivity from other countries.

This is 8% more than last year but the increase in Tourism is for ever rising, so plans have been put into place to deal with this over the next twenty years. It includes major money being spent on the railway as well as basic facilities.

The number of tourists that visit Thailand in recent years has increased to thirty million annually, which is up from 15.9 in 2010. Busiest periods for tourists to visit is December/January time, usually to get a break from the cold winters in there countries.

By 2030 the amount of tourists visiting Thailand is expected to be double what it is now, so improvement projects on airports will be welcomed as well as money spent on road safety and public places to help cope with future demand.


Originally reported by : Thaivisa


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