A 72-year- old driver of a minivan managed to drive three kilometres home with the body of a security guard lodged under the front of the minivan without realising.

The driver said it was only when he arrived home and saw the man’s body protruding out from under the front of the minivan he became aware of what had happened.

He called the police and when they arrived he stated that he remembered seeing a motorcycle lying in the road and felt a bump but checked his rear view mirror and decided nothing was out of the ordinary.

Medical personnel were called to the house of the driver, Jinda Sunsuk where they discovered the body of Prasert Phuraya, 57, badly mangled underneath the minivan which usually transports passengers from Bangkok to Nakorn Pathom.

It was reported that when the incident happened the driver was on his way home and there were no passengers on board. Police inspected the van and said there appeared to be no damage from a collision.

Investigating Jinda’s story officers also found a Honda Wave lying in the road about three kilometres from the house, also with no signs of damage from a collision. The deceased wife was called to identify the body.

She told police that her husband was an experienced rider who would not have had an accident and that he had not been drinking prior to going out on his bike.

Police have sent the body for autopsy and stated that both the minivan and motorcycle will be examined again.

There was no report of any charges being issued against the minivan driver at this time, however passengers might now be a little reluctant to have Jinda behind the wheel.

Source: Thairath

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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