Mischievous Brothers Wreck School

Two school boys wrecked a school in Sisaket causing over 60,000 baht in damages.

The two lads wrecked the one storey building in Bang Mung Nongtae School in Phayu, stating afterwards “They did it for fun”.

Damage to computers, teaching materials, a whiteboard, a television, school books to name just some of the items destroyed by the mischievous pair.

Mischievous Brothers Wreck School

The deputy director of the school Ms Supin Sing-ngern, said “No one was present at the time of the break as the school was closed.”

Amazingly the two, who are brothers, do not attend the school and are actually primary three and four students in the Muang District.

Police took the lads into custody for questioning where they confessed to their antics. Pol Maj Gen Suradet Dentham, chief of Sisaket Police, said “The boys told investigators they had broken into the classroom to play.”

Mischievous Brothers Wreck School

The children’s parents now face a hefty bill from the school. Both parents work in the construction industry and cannot afford to meet the bill incurred by their offspring. However, they have agreed to pay the damages in monthly instalments.

It would be fair to say the kids will not be flavour of the month that household for some time.


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