PHUKET, 13 July 2018 (NNT) – Rescuers have continued to carry out the mission to recover the body of the last deceased victim of last week’s tourist boat capsizing off Phuket.

The operation to recover the remains of the last victim from Phoenix boat which capsized has been continued today, with divers having already diving four times to install sand removal tools.


Rescuers are comprised of 20 divers from the Thai navy, 10 Chinese divers, three marine policemen, and five volunteer divers from New Zealand, Scotland, Portugal, and Australia.

Today’s operation commenced from 10 a.m., with four dives already made to install the portable sand removal tools. Divers were now in the process of making the fifth dive, which might last up to two hours to attempt to remove the sand and recover the body.

The operation would likely be successful if the weather and sea remained calm.

Source : NNT


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