The price of a packet of smokes in Thailand is still quite a bit cheaper than what you would pay for them in the West but, no doubt, smokers will not be happy about having to pay an extra 5 to 10 baht to feed their addictions, smell bad and damage their health.

And if you are a smoker don’t go rushing out the nearest 7-Eleven to stock up on ciggies because the price hike came into effect at midnight last night.

The excise tax increase was approved on Tuesday with the government claiming the price rise was aimed at reducing cigarette consumption, but the extra 15 billion baht in revenue it will raise annually might have had something to do with it.

It isn’t clear how much your favorite brand of cigarettes will cost you; until you pop down to the shop to buy some, but the increase is based on where they are imported from or if they are taxed based on value or volume.

However cigarettes imported from China have been increased by 10 baht a pack.

Photo Credit: Bangkok Stickboy


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