cop hit Monk

Phra Mahasaksorn Khongphol, a monk from Trang, made a complaint of assault by a police officer who was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the offence.

The monk was apparently on his regular alms round in the Muang district, when he claims that Pol Sr Sgt Maj Manop Chaiyadej hit him on the head, stating that he was a not genuine monk.

Later in the day, following the complaint, the officer’s wife and brother appeared at the police station, offering an apology on his behalf. This was rejected by the monk, who insisted on a personal apology to the abbot and himself from Manop Chaiyadej and a pledge not to drink to excess whilst on duty.

The family promised to take the culprit to the temple later in the week to make his apologies.

Pol Sr Sgt Maj Manop Chaiyadej was fined 1000 baht for the assault.


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