Video: Monk caught on video touching himself on Bangkok bus

A monk in Bangkok has allegedly been caught on camera pleasuring himself whilst riding on a public bus.

Two video clips of the monk’s illicit actions were uploaded to social media posted by an account named Ammala kongklai yesterday afternoon who said she witnessed the monk touching himself at 3pm the day before on the Number 28 air-conditioned bus.

She noted that the monk looked as if he was in his 50’s and kept looking at a female passenger’s thighs before rubbing his groin.

Monk caught on video touching himself on Bangkok bus

The two videos uploaded one 49 seconds long and the other 2.05 minutes long were widely shared on social media before being deleted after 3 hours of being online, however the video has since re-surfaced but its anyone guess how long it will stay online for.

The poster said she uploaded the video in an effort to get the police to track down the monk and take legal action.

Source: The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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