Monk Becomes A Millionaire After Winning Thai Lottery

A monk has won 18 million baht on the Thai lottery.

Buddha certainly was with Phra Somthip Ananyo from Surin when he purchased his tickets for the October 1st draw.

The monk registered his claim with Jorm Phra police on Monday evening, accompanied by his father, monks and other relatives, producing three tickets, which he said he purchased at a local market.

Monk Becomes A Millionaire After Winning Thai Lottery

When asked what he would do with his winnings he responded with “I will use part of it to make merit”.

Making merit refers to doing good deeds set by a religious doctrine and is believed that by doing so, they will receive peace and happiness throughout their lives. The belief is that the person will gain the strength to overcome many of the obstacles that life places in front of us.

Basically the term “If you do good, you receive good” and vice versa apply.

The three main ways for a person to make merit are to give alms, to pray and to maintain religious commandment. Alms of course refers to gifts, donations, contributions or hand outs to those in need and there is no doubt that Somthip is in a position to do just that.

18 million baht (539,245 US dollars or 403,193 UK pounds) is a fortune in Thailand.

What would you do with an 18 million baht lottery win?

Source : Thairath

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