monks drug bust

A raid on a Krabi Temple resulted in the arrests of the abbot and the majority of the monks present.

Police and Navy members entered the monk’s quarters and discovered monks participating in the use of Ya Ba, a combination of methamphetamine and caffeine.

The authorities also arrested the dealer, Supharat Suwansang, 24, along with the abbot of Wat Praison in Khao Yai sub-district, Phra Worawut Chunoi, 27.

Following urine tests Phra Amornsak Kamjornjak, 50 was also taken into custody.

Ya Ba or crazy medicine as it is often referred to, is taken orally. It increases heart rate and can damage the small blood vessels in the brain, possibly causing the user to have a stroke.

Other symptoms which are common are paranoia, confusion and insomnia.


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