It’s always a sad day when an animal passes on to the great nature reserve in the sky and it was a particularly sad day when, Justin, the magnificent white tiger, famous for dancing to Gangnam Style, died from a kidney infection last November, after showing signs of fatigue, drowsiness and listlessness earlier in that month.

And now, just less than three months later, another beautiful white tiger has died at Chiang Mai Night Safari Park after reportedly suffering from blood poisoning.

Por Petch was the first white tiger cub to be given to the zoo by the Zoological Park Organization in Bangkok, 11 years ago. The 12-year-old female, who gave birth to 13 cubs during her time at the zoo, hadn’t shown any signs of illness before she suddenly collapsed and died at the zoo yesterday.

Zoo director Saravuth Srisakul said an autopsy showed bleeding from the lungs and believed that Por Petch had died from blood poisoning.

No explanation of how Por Petch contracted blood poisoning was given, but Saravuth added that white tigers tend to live for around 10 years; due to a defective gene, where as an ordinary tiger’s life expectancy could be as much as 20 years.

There is however some heartening news. A recent study showed that the tiger population in Thailand is finally rebounding after enhanced protection measures, and scientists predict that the tiger population will increase even more rapidly in the years to come.

Saravuth Srisakul said that Por Petch would be stuffed and kept (presumably as an exhibit) at the zoo.
Chiang Mai Night Safari Park Video


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