A heavy downpour in Bangkok early this morning sent many mourners who were camping out on the streets ahead of the upcoming Royal Funeral ceremonies running for shelter in nearby buildings.

The more hard-core members that were camping out braved the rains under umbrellas and plastic raincoats along the paths of Khlong Lod close to the popular Rattanakosin Hotel.

It has been reported that thousands of people have begun camping on the streets of Bangkok in an effort to get the best view possible of the funeral procession of the late beloved king Bhumibol.

The cremation grounds will be prohibited to everyone except authorise personnel from 10pm tonight (October 24) until 5am Wednesday, by which point mourners will have to go through nine screening checkpoints before being allowed to enter.

The funeral ceremonies begin tomorrow and will last until October 29 with the actual cremation ceremony taking place on Thursday October 26, the ceremony is expected to be viewed by millions of people around the globe when it will be broadcast live on television.

Source: The Nation

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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