It was a hot day in downtown Bangkok and no one could be blamed for wanting to strip down to the bare minimum, but a woman, driving on Lat Phrao Wang Hin road, must have decided that the bare minimum just wasn’t enough and decided to cast modesty aside and bare all.

That alone could have resulted in nothing more a little harmless titillation for passing motorists only; for no apparent reason, she then decided to drive down the wrong side of the road and smashed into an oncoming taxi driver, which resulted in a car banging her in the rear end followed by another car smashing into that car.

The woman, who looked to be in her 30s, then decided to exit her car through the window until she must have realized that opening the door to get out was a better option.

A woman then approached with a sarong and tried to cover her modesty but, even with the help of a motor cycle rider, she managed to shrug their attempts aside and instead she decided that her best course of action to avoid further embarrassment would be to pose like a playboy model then simulate a bit of a pole dance.

Strangely enough the accident and her naked antics hardly seemed to raise an eyebrow, or anything else for that matter, with passersby who appeared to be going on with their business as if to say, “Oh it’s just another car crash with a completely naked young woman standing by her squashed car.”

Even the taxi driver that she’d smashed into casually ignored her and went about directing traffic away from the accident.

Chok Chai police contacted the woman’s family, who explained that she was mentally ill; no sh*t Sherlock, and other reports stated that the woman was not in a normal state of mind; you think!

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital but it wasn’t confirmed whether they stopped off at cloths shop first or if she arrived there naked and still dancing.



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