Lots of drama today as Bangkok police chased and apprehended a naked foreign woman who they saw walking across Phra Pinklao Bridge which is close to Khaosan Road, without a stitch of clothing.

When she saw the police she bolted naked towards Ratchadamnoen Avenue. The lady who police estimate was in her 30s was a rather speedy individual, police had to chase her over one kilometer to the Khok Wua junction near the Democracy Monument before they finally caught and apprehended her. It was a very long chase, so the police offered the woman a bottle of water she refused.

A police LT. Col. Pitipan Kikdakorn Na Ayudhaya said thankfully there were some traffic police nearby who were able to detain her after she dangerously rushed through the traffic at this very busy intersection.

Police apprehending a foreign woman who ran naked down Phra Pinklao Bridge Tuesday afternoon.

The woman who had no identification (and nowhere to hide it anyway) was far too distressed to answer questions from the police. Consequently the police took charge and asked the woman “where are you from?” The woman seemed confused and upset and replied “I don’t know.”

All this took place around 3pm on Tuesday afternoon, & finally police then decided to take the woman to a nearby hospital for evaluation.


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