Sixty-three-year-old granny, Manee Janthuam came to the rescue of two giant pythons as local men puzzled as to what to do with the snakes.

Manee realised the two pythons, one measuring over five metres in length, were injured and acted courageously to liberate the creatures, using nothing more than her hands.

The snakes had been caught up in a back-hoe, also known as a rear actor, which is used in excavation work, commonly seen attached to diggers.

Once the reptiles were safe and well, she called for a professional snake catcher to return them to the wild. Unfortunately, the smaller of the two snakes required specialist attention due to its injuries and was taken away to receive treatment.

Manee, a crab trader from Bang Pakong, Chacherngsao, displayed no fear during her heroic act.


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