A record number of tickets have been issued for Lane- changing violations in just 4 days after the installation of new vigilance systems. Lane changing for overtaking has been a crime committed on a have frequency rate lately.

After the ban and stricter measures were introduced in May 9, the authorities had installed new monitoring systems at 15 new locations along with three old existing spots. This has eventually led to nearly 100000 tickets being issued to offenders.

So far eighty percent of the noted violations have been committed in day time. Two-wheel riders constitute the majority of the offenders followed by sedan drivers.

Among the 15 new spots, Din Daeng intersection on the inbound lane of Din Daeng Road has the highest number of violations recorded with 11307 cases. The Siriraj Bridge on the outbound lane of Aroon Amarin Road had the second highest number of violations, 10932. Suttthisan Tunnel had the least number of violations with only 700 cases among the new spots.

Source : Nation

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