Experts Opposing New Plans For Social Media Watch Centre.

Yesterday Love Pattaya reported on a new proposal that was doing the rounds which included plans to create a social media watch centre and have users register with ID cards and fingerprints.

The proposal was accepted on Monday by the NRSA as is aimed at controlling online content from social medial websites especially Facebook.

Experts Opposing New Plans For Social Media Watch Centre.

Paiboon Amonpinyokeat, a legal expert said that the proposal would affect people’s freedom of expression online.

He feels that the measures are not necessary as the NBTC has already put in place regulations for the ownership of sim cards.

He fears if the policy goes into effect that it may be detrimental to the country’s policy to promote the digital economy and online businesses.

One idea he posed was for the government to incentivise internet service providers to self-regulate there users and there activities.

This proposal comes after the Thai Army have increased their security after growing global cyberwarfare threats.

Mana Treelayapewat head of the School of Communication Arts said the government needs to aim their efforts at educating the public on responsible use of social media rather than trying to control it.

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  1. Can a full-fledged dictatorship be far behind?
    Free speech is the basis of a republic and democracies. And ther
    The government should “encourage” users to be civil. Civility is also one leg of a successful republic. In America, civility is being lost. However, there is a growing consensus that civility is important. When the majority return to civility , then the country can claim to be free again.
    Therefore, ANY attempt to stem free speech is anti democratic. The King can and should be promoting civility. The government can have other means to monitor calls for military action etc.


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