New Playboy café opens in Bangkok

The Playboy heir Cooper Hefner flew into Thailand from the United States to personally open the new venue on Praditmanutham Road in the Central Festival EastVille shopping mall.

The huge Playboy Corporation now has over 3,000 outlets all over the world selling clothes & fashion accessories. From China to Brazil, India & Europe & now several outlets in the land of smiles, Thailand.

Cooper Hefner hopes to have over 30 outlets in Thailand within five years. We have wonderful brand recognition world wide of around 87%, cool US style street wear is proving to be very popular in Thailand.

These Playboy cafes will also serve very good healthy food including the “Bunny Burger” which is our signature dish. Thai people love eating and hanging out with their friends & our shops offer a perfect atmosphere to relax & enjoy good food & company.

Sales in Thailand have increased over 30% in the last few years thanks to the hugely recognizable brand name. In June this year Cooper Hefner said they plan to launch a new web site for online shopping in Thailand so people will be able to buy our products from the comfort of their own home.


In the near future we also intend to renovate all our stand alone outlets in department stores & turn them into unisex shops to cover all customer groups.

We intend to open in Pattaya Big C Marina in April then Central Plaza Korat later this year. We have allocated a budget of 30 million Baht to reach our target of 30 stores through the country in the next few years.

Our intention is to befriend our customers and help them make good buying decisions in our shops. We very much want to win their loyalty.


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