New points system to be applied to Thai Driving licenses

Thailand is apparently gearing up to change driving license so that they work on a points system similar to licenses in countries such as England.

Where motorists who commit too many offenses will have their licenses taken away.

The points system is currently being worked out by officials but new traffic tickets which will include a bar code and be written in both Thai and English will be introduced from Sunday (December 17).

New points system to be applied to Thai Driving licenses

The new system is reported to propose that motorists will start with 12 points on their license and have points deducted for different traffic offenses, once a license reaches 0 points it will be revoked, according to Pol Maj-General Ekkarak Limsangkas, the chief of the Police Ticket Management Project.

Ekkarak announced the project yesterday but admitted certain details are still being ironed out, specifically how many points would be deducted for each type of traffic violation.
His team is looking at establishing three separate categories for offences for light, medium and severe violations.

If a driver is to lose all of their points they will then be banned from the road for 90 days, if a driver is banned three times within three years their license will be annulled and a one year’s ban will be imposed.

New points system to be applied to Thai Driving licenses

Ekkarak said if a driver gets their license back after the one year ban and again loses their points a lifetime ban from driving may be issued.

The new system could be in place as early as January 2018, depending on how long officials take to work out the points system.

Another factor effecting the timescale for the new systems implementation is setting up an online database to track how many points each person has which will link to the new style bar code tickets which will begin to be used.

What do you think about the new system?

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