Malaysian Consul-General Mohd Afandi Abu Bakar said that from October 1, Thailand will start enforcing new regulations when entering the country via the Malaysia-Thailand check point.

He reminded the people of Malaysia to abide by the new regulations and to also make sure they had all the correct travel documentation.

Among several new stipulations visitors will now be required to submit an entry form to Thai customs declaring information about the vehicle they are traveling in and its passengers.

New rules for entry into Thailand at border from October 1

The Malaysian Consul-General went on to explain that those who failed to adhere to the new regulations could face a fine of up to five times the value of their vehicle or a two-year jail sentence.

A request was issued by the Malaysian government to the Thai government to provide them with a comprehensive report of the new rules so they might upload it to the foreign ministries website so everyone can be aware of the new regulations.

Afandi went on to explain that he expects the new regulations to speed up the check-in process for tourists coming to Thailand from Malaysia.

Source : Freemalaysiatoday

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