Officials in Bangkok have said that bus stops around the nation’s capital may soon look very different as they plan to launch a series of “smart shelters” right across the city which will provide high-speed internet access and mobile phone charging points for those waiting for buses.

The plans were announced by Bangkok’s Governor Aswin Kwanmuang who said a pilot program will soon be put into effect to overhaul existing bus shelters into the new “smart shelters.”

According to reports it won’t just be internet and phone charging the new “smart shelters” provide they will also be equipped with up to date information on buses and an emergency alarm linked to the police.

New "smart shelters" to be built all over Bangkok

It seems not everyone online was impressed with the new smart shelters however with some Bangkok citizens taking to social media asking why buses and bus services were not being upgraded first.

One social media user wrote” they first need to improve the conditions on the buses, bus drivers and payment methods.”

Another user, Karntip Borisuitsawat said they felt that the money would be better spent making sure all shelters had working lights and up to date bus maps before adding “unnecessary” things such as free WIFI and mobile phone charging.

It seems opinions online are divided over the new smart shelters what are you thought on the subject? Let us know in the comments section.

Source : Daily News 

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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