There have been rumours galore doing the rounds on the Internet with regards to Thailand’s new tax alterations. It is believed that alcohol tax will go through the roof, having an adverse effect on tourism within the country.

The latest figures have been posted in the Royal Gazette and don’t make good reading. How many of them will affect your lifestyle?

If you are a driver for instance, you could be paying an extra 20 baht for a litre of fuel.

For the drinkers amongst you, this could mean a whopping 3000 baht on a litre of beer with smoker’s being hit for five baht per cigarette. Soft drinks could rise by 20 baht per litre too.

Even the massage shop prices will face an increase of up to 1000 baht.

These figures however are not set in stone and would require a number of separate laws to come into force before the new taxes can be applied.

Sigaret will go up 5 THB per sigaret.

But before panic sets in let’s take the increases into perspective. The changes are based on a twenty year period and may not actually come into force in one go. We could see a decade go by with small increases in taxes.

The other point of interest is that the figures being quoted are “ceilings” not necessarily the actual tax increases.

So no need to pack your bags and head for the airport yet.


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