A new taxi app is set to be launched by the Department of Land Transport (DLT) towards the end of April. The app which will be known as DLT TAXI VIP, is being released to restore public trust in Thailand’s taxi services.

Taxi drivers and operators can join the program providing they have “credible” business qualifications. If they obtain DLT approval, they must then install GPS tracking, A digital monitor, CCTV and an emergency button within their vehicles. Data will be linked to DLT data systems.

DLT will be able to monitor drivers, ensuring there is no harassment of passengers of overcharging. Any driver discovered to be breaking the law will be dealt with accordingly.

Invitations will be extended too current Grab Car and Uber drivers but they must meet the strict requirements.

The idea is a good one but one that will require a lot of manpower and expense to manage.

Additionally, what becomes of the taxi drivers who do not sign up the app? Do they remain at large, to act as they currently do?


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