A new format for traffic tickets is about to be released and they will be written in both Thai and English as well as including a barcode to assist paying the fine

The new ticket also allows the accused offender to object to the fine by explaining the incident within 15 days of the ticket being issued.

The new ticket has a section for the issuing officer to record whether the accused accepts or rejects the charge.

New Thai traffic tickets will also be written in EnglishNew Thai traffic tickets will also be written in English

The offender can then plead their case at the local police station where the fine will either be upheld or dismissed.

Officers will continue writing the current form of tickets for the next 120 days when they will then be replaced with the new form.

Postal tickets are now being issued nationwide and will include a motorists total accumulated points.

The new ticket has been designed to overcome issues of bribery and corruption around fines and the information gathered from the fines issued used to help reduce traffic accidents.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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