New Tobacco Control act comes into force tomorrow

The Ministry of Public Health is going ahead with the new Tobacco Control Act of 2017 which will come into effect tomorrow, designed to protect young people and non-smokers against the dangerous effects of tobacco.

The new act will prevent the sale of tobacco products in temples, medical facilities, pharmacies, public parks, zoos amusement parks and all educational institutes.

The fine for smoking in a non-smoking area has also been increased to a maximum of 5,000 baht. Retailers have also been prohibited from selling cigarettes in individual pieces.

The new act is a result of tobacco being linked to over 50,000 deaths in Thailand every year and an ever increasing amount of money being spent on treatment for tobacco addiction.

The Ministry of Public Health hopes that the new policy will keep young people from taking up smoking and protect non-smoking members of the public from the effects of passive smoking.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. That’s great now what about protecting all the young people who ride motorbikes without helmets home from school everyday! If their parents won’t take responsibility then the government must take action.
    P.s when all these people you save grow up I hope you have jobs for them!!!!


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