Police here in Thailand announced yesterday that a new form of traffic ticket will be issued starting in the early part of next year which includes a barcode as well as both Thai and English text.

The announcement was made by Jirapat Phumjit, deputy commander of the Bangkok metro police who said the new tickets will allow the person who is issued with one to pay the fine a certain ATM’s and includes an English translation due to the increasing number of foreign motorists on the Thai roads.

The old system had officers issuing written tickets and confiscating driving licenses, those issued with a ticket would then have to go to the police station to pay the fine and retrieve their license, however many people elected to not pay the fine and drive without their license.

After it came to light back in March that only roughly 11 percent of tickets were being paid the PM used his power to try and get people to pay their fines by refusing the renewal of licenses that had been confiscated.

Under the new initiative those issued with a ticket who do not pay their fine within two weeks of it being issued will now be able to be prosecuted by the courts.

The new system means people will no longer need to go to the police station to pay their fine, violators can pay them at Krungthai Bank ATM’s or several convenience stores, peoples licenses will then be returned via the post once the fine has been paid.

Source: KhaosodEnglish

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