A video was doing the rounds on Thai social media yesterday showing the government’s latest attempt at improving the safety of roads here in the kingdom, a new design for U-turns.

The question was posed could the Highway Department’s latest new design help reduce the number of accidents on the roads and reduce the number of fatalities.

The new U-turns are currently being trialled on a stretch of the Rama II motorway in Samut Songkhram and unlike existing turning places all over the kingdom these two allow for U-turns to be performed without cutting out into oncoming traffic making them much safer and also improving traffic flow.

New U-turn design looks to reduce accidents on Thai roads

Currently accidents caused by motorists attempting to perform a U-turn are a major source of fatalities on Thai roads.

Officials are currently in the process of building a third U-turn with the new design on the same stretch of road.

New U-turn design looks to reduce accidents on Thai roads

Many people commented positively online stating that the new design looks safer and would improve traffic congestion while others jokingly pointed out that motorcycles must be exempt after a bike is seen at the end of the footage disobeying the road markings.

What do you think to the new road layout? Do you think it will help to reduce road accidents? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Source: Manager Online

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