A Nigerian man pretending to be a woman online to con more than 35 lonely Thai men out of their hard earned cash was arrested yesterday in Bangkok.

The 35-year-old Nigerian man known locally as “Star boy” was arrested after pretending to be an attractive American female soldier on Facebook to con lonely Thai men.

Star boy or Antonio Jose Carlos as is his real name and his 20-year-old Thai girlfriend Sukanya Sakaew were taken into custody following a raid on their apartment in the Chaengwattana area of the capital as part of a nationwide crackdown on foreign criminals.

Photo: Tourist Police

During the course of the raid officers took into evidence 6 mobile phones and several bank books with an accumulative total of 3 million baht ($92,000).

Investigating officers told reporters that “Star Boy” was carrying out online conversations with 38 middle-aged Thai men pretending to be the female American officer, at this time it is not clear how much money in total the con man had managed to relieve from the lonely men.

Following interrogation five members of the “Star Boy” gang were also arrested in connection to the con, all members were reported to be from Nigeria.

It was stated by Maj. Gen. Surachet Hakpan that the con men had played on the victims desires for romance and convinced them to transfer money to their bank accounts, some had been asked to invest in businesses based on fake Facebook profiles that the con men had built.

Though the investigation is still ongoing all suspects have been charged with committing fraud and for entering false information into a computer system with the intent to cause damage to other people.

Source: Coconuts

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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