A large fire erupted on the island of Phi Phi late on Tuesday night engulfing 25 houses, shops and hotels resulting in around 200 locals and tourists joining forces to tackle the large blaze which injured 9 people.

Officers at the scene said that six foreign tourists and three Thai locals were injured as a result of the fire, all were taken to the Koh Phi Phi Hospital where two were released after treatment, however the rest were admitted for treatment for burns and smoke inhalation.

The injured tourists consisted of two Brazilian nationals, three Argentinian nationals and an Israeli national.

Nine people including six tourists injured in Phi Phi blaze

Police stated that the fire initially started at the October Hostel located close to the entrance of the Slingy Bar at the market in the centre of the island at around 9pm, it then rapidly spread to surrounding buildings before it was extinguished at just after 11pm.

Nine people including six tourists injured in Phi Phi blaze

It is estimated that damages from the fire will cost 30 million baht and it has left over 100 tourists without accommodation.

Firefighters investigating the incident stated that they believe a cooking gas cylinder exploded starting the fire.

Following the fire local authorities plan to hold talks on the islands fire management and infrastructure to prevent similar incidents happening in the future.

Source : Bangkok Post

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