Nine-Year-Old Returns Missing Bag Containing 130,000 Baht

A nine-year-old girl was rewarded for her honesty when she returned a bag containing over 130,000 baht to its rightful owner.

Piyarat Boonkek, met the owner of the bag, Nukhlia Sangkaew, 55, at a local police station, where she received her reward.

The owner informed the police that she withdrew the money from a bank to settle a hospital bill. However, somewhere along her route home, she lost the bag, when she got caught in heavy rainfall.

Good girl rewarded

The shock of discovering the missing bag, which not only contained the large amount of cash but 90 grams of gold, caused the woman to faint. As soon as she woke up, she retraced her steps twice, in an attempt to locate the bag, without success.

Then, thanks to the honesty of the little girl and her parents, she received a phone call to say they had her bag.

Piyarat explained that when the rain ceased, she found the bag on Kamala Beach. She took it home and told her parents.

The youngster from Phuket was rewarded with 2000 baht for her integrity, from an overjoyed and very relieved recipient, Nukhlia.


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