Everyone knows that drinking and driving is dangerous but yet it still happens in the land of smiles regularly.

Now however, if you take the chance and drive whilst under the influence of alcohol, you could find yourself without any insurance cover.

The Secretary General of the Office of Insurance Commission made the following statement on Tuesday:

Mr Sutthiphol Thaveechaikarn said “An announcement will be made at the end of the week with regards to drivers who are found to have more than 50 milligrammes of alcohol per unit of blood, would not be covered by their insurance companies.”

Any costs incurred by drunk drivers will have to be met by the offender as the insurance company would in fact be exempt.”

Drunk Driving Causes Most Of The Accidentes in Thailand

He suggested that the current laws regarding insurance of drivers does not meet with the Land Traffic Act legislation, which clearly states that anyone caught driving with more than 50 milligrams of alcohol in their blood is deemed as being drunk and unfit to drive.

The statement will effectively absolve insurance companies from having to pay damages and costs where a driver is found to be drunk in charge of a motor vehicle.

Blood alcohol content (BAC) or blood alcohol level is the concentration of alcohol in the bloodstream. It is usually measured as mass per volume. For example, a BAC of 0.04% means 0.4% (permille) or
0.04 grams of alcohol per 100 grams of individual’s blood.

In Thailand the BAC is 0 % for professional or commercial drivers and 0.05% for all other drivers, compared to England’s 0.08 %

Tell us what you think?

Is it acceptable for drivers to be under the influence of alcohol or not?


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