Prime Minister's

Thailand’s Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, claims that no party has approached him with a firm offer to stand for election and that the only suitable candidate to become the next head of government is himself.

His comments followed questions by reporters at Government House, when he was asked about possible candidates. He added “You made me this famous. You could also bring some other names up”.

He was rather reluctant to discuss his own political career and future as the long awaited election is due to be held in February, 2019.

Prime Minister's

New rules regarding the selection of possible candidates, mean that they must have the support of a small to medium sized political party or military appointed senators or both.

Many new parties applying or due to apply for registration with the Election Commission recently, have thrown their weight behind the current prime minister, backing the continuation of the military government.

In many people’s eyes, there will be only one winner in the elections as the PM looks set to continue as the country’s leader.

Somkid Jatusripitak, who his head of the government’s economic team, also looks likely to throw his weight behind the current leader.

It is likely that there will be local elections ahead of the general election he said.

Many feel that the elections will never take place but time will tell of course.

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