Nok Air Apologise

A number of complaints from disgruntled passengers at the weekend prompted Nok Air to issue a public apology via their social media page on Sunday.

The complaints were raised after the cancellation of flight DD7525. The flight was scheduled to leave Phuket for Don Muang in Bangkok at 10:50 on Saturday evening and should have landed in the capital just after midnight.

Due to adverse weather conditions, 150 passengers were left “annoyed” and complaints were raised.

Whilst it is understandable that the airline took the measures for the safety of their customers, it is also frustrating to be stranded at an airport, as many of you will no doubt have experienced.

The majority of the delayed passengers were flown to Bangkok at 06:25. Those who couldn’t make the morning flight will be offered an alternative flight with no additional fees to be paid.

An inbound plane was redirected to Hat Yai because of the turbulent weather conditions too.

Air Nok are to be commended in the way they handled the situation. Passenger safety should always be the main priority.


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